June Korea



is a New York–based visual artist who uses photography as a bridge to invite viewers to his constructed fantasies. As a visual artist and storyteller, his goal is to create his imagined narrative and translate it into the real world. His hope for his work is that it will serve as a catalyst that stimulates to remember what people have lost and what they once believed in.


2017–Now    President. +arts Institute of Arts [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
2016–Now    Judge. CA it Awards [New York, NY, United States].


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2015              M.F.A., Photography, Video and Related Media. School of Visual Arts [New York, NY, United States]. 14 May 2015.
                      – Alice Beck-Odette, Alumni Scholarships. 2013–15.
2012              B.F.A., Photography and Imaging. ArtCenter College of Design [Pasadena, CA, United States]. 15 Dec. 2012.
                      – Martha Chandler, Jules Bates, Thomas Denhart, and Merit Scholarships. 2009–12.

Awards & Grants

2017              American Photography 33 Award. AI-AP [United States]. 16 Mar. 2017.
                      2016 International Photographer of the Year Award. IPOTY [United Kingdom]. 12 Feb. 2017.
                      Life Framer Award—Still Life: 20 Amazing Photographers to Discover. Life Framer [United States]. 9 Jan. 2017.
2015              2015 CA it Awards Photography Gold Award. CA it Awards [United States]. 17 Dec. 2015.
                      2015 Neutral Density Photography Awards 1st Place—Gold Star Award. ND Awards [International]. 29 Nov. 2015.
                      2015 Seoul–New York Photo Festival Silver Award. Seoul–New York Photo Festival [Republic of Korea]. 5 Nov. 2015.
                      21st Artist Portfolio Award. Artist Portfolio Magazine [Garden Grove, United States]. 10 Feb. 2015.
2012              53rd CMYK Award. CMYK Magazine [San Francisco, United States]. 1 Aug. 2012.
                      27th CQ Award. Creative Quarterly [New York, United States]. 1 May 2012.
2011              MAC Group Photography Award. MAC Group [United States]. 19 Aug. 2011.
                      2011 Museum of Seongnam Arts Center Emerging Artist Award. Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Republic of Korea]. 15 June 2011.
2009              Make-A-Wish Achievement Award. Make-A-Wish Foundation [Republic of Korea]. 10 Jan. 2009.
2005              Feelux Lighting Grand Award. Feelux Lighting Co., Ltd. [United States]. 6 Apr. 2005.
2003              Dong-A Photography Excellence Award. The Dong-A Ilbo [Republic of Korea]. 10 Nov. 2003.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015              “Still Lives.” Rusted Iron in DUMBO [Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 27 July–30 Aug. 2015.
2011              “Still Lives: Neighbors.” Gallery Ls [San Pedro, CA, United States]. 5–21 May 2011.

Selected Group Exhibitions & Fairs

2017              “Currents in Figuration.” Walter Wickiser Gallery [Chelsea, NY, United States]. 4–29 Mar. 2017.
                      “2016 CA it Awards Showcase—Featuring Artist: June Korea.” Space in Arts New York [Chelsea, NY, United States]. 12–14 Jan. 2017.
2016              “Jersey City Art & Studio Tour.” JCAST Flagship Gallery [Jersey City, NJ, United States]. 8–23 Oct. 2016.
                      “Detroit Biennale.” Museum of New Art [Troy, MI, United States]. 1 Oct. 2016.
                      “Art Slope: Park Slope Art Festival.” Park Slope [Brooklyn, NY, United States]. 17–25 Sept. 2016.
                      “2016 ASYAAF: Hidden Artists Festival.” Dongdaemun Design Plaza [Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 2–14 Aug. 2016.
                      “9th Invitational Art Exhibition.” The City Hall of Jersey City [Jersey City, NJ, United States]. 5–28 Apr. 2016.
                      “2016 NYPH.” The POWERHOUSE Arena [DUMBO, NY, United States]. 15–29 Feb. 2016.
2015              “2015 CA it Awards Showcase.” Space in Arts New York [Chelsea, NY, United States]. 16–18 Dec. 2015.
                      “2015 SIPF.” Dongdaemun Design Plaza [Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 5–13 Nov. 2015.
                      “Here+There.” And N Gallery [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 28 July–5 Aug. 2015.
                      “2015 MFA National Exhibition.” First Street Gallery [Chelsea, NY, United States]. 23 July–14 Aug. 2015.
                      “2015 ASYAAF: Hidden Artists.” Culture Station Seoul 284 [Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 21 July–2 Aug. 2015.
                      “The Selfie Show: An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits.” Museum of New Art [Troy, MI, United States]. 8 May–5 June 2015.
                      “2015 LA Art Book Fair.” MOCA [Los Angeles, CA, United States]. 29 Jan.–1 Feb. 2015.
2014              “2014 Seongnam Media Festival.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 21–26 Oct. 2014.
                      “2014 NY Art Book Fair.” MoMA PS1 [Long Island City, NY, United States]. 26–28 Sept. 2014.
                      “Springtime and Rebirth.” Monastère Saint-Paul de Mausole [Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France]. 19 Sept.–21 Oct. 2014.
                      “2014 Young Artists.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 1 Sept.–14 Dec. 2014.
                      “Boundaries.” SVA Gramercy Gallery [New York, NY, United States]. 11–30 July 2014.
                      “re.con.nect.” Korean Cultural Center New York [New York, NY, United States]. 4–25 July 2014.
                      “UNICEF’s Next Generation Photo Benefit.” Aperture Foundation [Chelsea, NY, United States]. 17 May 2014.
                      “100 Artists’ Show.” Gallery Noori [Goyang, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 18–23 Mar. 2014.
                      “Joy-Route Exhibition.” Space Womb Gallery [New York, NY, United States]. 27 Feb.–5 Mar. 2014.
2013              “One Language is Not Enough.” Space Claremont [Claremont, CA, United States]. 9 Nov. 2013–4 Jan. 2014.
                      “2013 Emerging Artists.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 18 Oct.–3 Nov. 2013.
                      “The Lucky Jotter’s 5th Exhibition.” Jam Industries [City Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom]. 14–21 Oct. 2013.
                      “2013 Young & New.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 19 Feb.–8 Mar. 2013.
                      “Personal Culture.” Space Womb Gallery [New York, NY, United States]. 26 Jan.–8 Feb. 2013.
2012              “LA Drive Bye 24:00.” The Studio For Southern California History [Los Angeles, CA, United States]. 30 Nov.–9 Dec. 2012.
                      “The Faces of Seongnam.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 11–26 Sept. 2012.
2011–12        “Thinking Outside the Square.” Gallery 207 [Santa Ana, CA, United States]. 3 Dec. 2011–3 Jan. 2012.
2011              “Face Off.” Smashbox Studios [Culver City, CA, United States]. 8 Dec. 2011.
                      “2011 Emerging Artists.” Museum of Seongnam Arts Center [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 3–15 June 2011.
2010              “What was Your Dream?.” ArtCenter Public Programs Gallery [Pasadena, CA, United States]. 13 Dec. 2010.
2009              “36.5 Project On.” MayJune Gallery [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 2–8 Feb. 2009.
2006              “The 3rd EIDF ‘Prospering Asia, Reconciliation & Coexistence.’” EBS Space [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 10–16 July 2006.
2003              “Photo Plus.” Jebiwool Art Museum [Gwacheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 10–20 Dec. 2003.


2015              Korea, June. Still Lives: Neighbors, Mimi. New York: June Korea Photography, 2015. Ebook.
2014              Korea, June. Still Lives: Neighbors. New York: June Korea Photography, 2014. Print.
                      Korea, June. “I Want to See What He Wanted to See.” WORDS. New York: Visual Arts Press, Ltd., 2014: 6–9. Print.

Press & Interviews

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2003              “Paper's Dream Gallery.” Paper Magazine [Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 1 Nov. 2003: 20. Print.

Artist’s Talks & Lectures & Workshops

2015              Artist’s Talk. Rusted Iron in DUMBO [Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 31 July 2015.
2008              Lecture. Cooperation and Participation in Overseas NGOs [Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 17 Jan. 2008.
2007              Lecture. Make-A-Wish Foundation [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 2 Nov. 2007.
                      Lecture. Kangnam University [Yongin, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 2007.
2006              Lecture. Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation [Mapo, Seoul, Republic of Korea]. 6 June 2007.
2005              Workshop. Ilsan Child Care Center [Ilsan, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 5 May 2005.
2004              Lecture. Naejung Middle School [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea]. 2004.


2016              Jennifer Jooah Kim [Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
                      Alfred Peter Olivera [Mount Vernon, NY, United States].
2015              One Alloy [Incheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
2014              School of Visual Arts M.F.A. Photography, Video and Related Media [New York, NY, United States].
2013              Junwon Sohn [Incheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
2012              Ophelia Chong [Los Angeles, CA, United States].
                      Dennis Keeley [Pasadena, CA, United States].
                      Roderick Smith & Linda Miller [Los Angeles, CA, United States].
2011              Lorne M. Buchman [Pasadena, CA, United States].
2010              Fullcity Coffee [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
                      Oolee Institute of Photography [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].


2017–Now    President. +arts Institute of Arts [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
2016–Now    Judge. CA it Awards [New York, NY, United States].
2005–Now    Volunteer Photographer. Make-A-Wish Foundation [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
2001–Now    Photographer. June Korea Photography [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea–Los Angeles, CA, United States–New York, NY, United States].
2016–2017    Cofounder. MayJune Pictures [New York, NY, United States].
2015–2017    Columnist. NYCultureBeat [New York, NY, United States].
2011–13        Volunteer Photographer. SOHO Project [Los Angeles, CA, United States].
2012              Documentarian. TEDx ArtCenter College of Design [Pasadena, CA, United States].
2010–12        Volunteer Photographer. YWCA [Pasadena, CA, United States].
2008–09        Columnist. Hyundai Emille TV Magazine [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
2004              Photojournalist. Artian News [Jongno, Seoul, Republic of Korea].


Belif [New York, NY, United States].
Educhora [New York, NY, United States].
Ehwa Trade [Yongin, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
Cine Cube [Jongno, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
Daekyo Co., Ltd. [Gwanak, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
The Dong-A Ilbo [Seodaemun, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
Glow Recipe [New York, NY, United States].
Hotel Gallery [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
KISS Products, Inc. [Port Washington, NY, United States].
Kyunghee B&B Medical Clinic [Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
LOEN Entertainment [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
Modl Theatre [Gwacheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea].
Oakwood Premier [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
PAVO, Inc. [Glendale, CA, United States].
Seoul Roll [Singapore].
S.M. Entertainment [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
Wiz Island [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].
Ye Dental Clinic [Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea].

Valtinho Anastacio [Brazil].
Youngchan Kwon [Republic of Korea].
Eunice Olsen [Singapore].